Simbelmynë – Trillium

According to the official website …

Simbelmynë is a musical project inspired by love of ecology and awe of the natural world.

Given that it’s instrumental, I’m not sure if I can detect the ecological inspiration. However, I can detect inspiration from Opeth at the more melodic end of their canon, and that’s never a bad thing! I ended up listening to this free album, which is another thing I’m not going to complain about, by way of the drumming of the awesome Travis Orbin. He drummed on it with his session drummer hat on, and like many of his sessions recorded himself doing so for his YouTube channel.

Anyhow, why not take a listen, though I’d recommend maybe not with your best headphones on unless you get a buzz from background hiss making is sound like it was ultimately mixed down onto a C90 cassette! Apparently it’s been remixed again to improve the clarity, but I still wonder what happened during the production process!?

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