Sylosis – Mercy

Sylosis have just released their first new song in a while, Mercy, ahead of their new album which is due out in January. To say I’m excited is an understatement! Take a listen if you like brutal progressive metal very much at the thrash end of the speedo played by a band who are always technically spot on!

Sylosis are actually one of these bands that I happened upon when they supported another band I saw live. That headline act was DevilDriver, and I’m not going to lie – I now rank Sylosis and another of the supports, Bleed from Within, well above DevilDriver in my list of favourite bands. Bleed from Within were below Sylosis on the bill, and then interestingly the drummer from Bleed from Within subbed-in for the drummer in Sylosis owing to his unavailability, with less than 24 hours notice! He nailed the drum part, and has since joined Sylosis officially, whilst also remaining in Bleed from Within too.

Anyhow, this rather boring post is about to get worse, with me going a bit fanboi about the lead singer/guitarist of Sylosis, Josh Middleton. You know the sort … artistically talented in numerous ways! I consider him one of the fastest and most accurate guitarists out there, and his ability to play hugely complex things absolutely perfectly live without even appearing to try is second to none! I did find his recent video about how to play fast cleanly rather frustrating though … basically practice lots very carefully and really focus on cleanness. He’s an artist and illustrator too, doing various bands’ stuff, and that transfers into a clothing business too. Yep … I do have one of his t-shirts! Seems like he’s a clean living vegan, posts cat pictures on Instagram and he always comes across as a nice guy in interviews. Maybe I should hate him in a fit of jealousy whilst I play my guitar crappily!?

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