David Bowie – Lady Grinning Soul

Lady Grinning Soul by David Bowie has long been a huge favourite of mine. A totally gorgeous sensual song, it closes out Aladdin Sane and was never played live as far as I can discover. In some ways it is a hidden gem known mostly by real fans, with beautiful piano from Mike Garson and Spanish guitar solo from Mick Ronson.

I was working out how to play the original version the other day, and when looking for acoustic covers for ideas I discovered the video below.

Danny McEvoy is a talented acoustic busker originally from Liverpool but now resident on the south coast. He’s a prodigious poster (every Beatles song + every #1 through the decades) on YouTube and he seems to be able to pick up tunes in minutes given the rate he uploads them. I really liked his voicing of Lady Grinning Soul, and given his promise of publishing chords to his covers, I pinged him on YouTube. A man of his word he posted them the next day on his Facebook page (which you should visit and hopefully like), and tonight I’ve greatly enjoyed play his version! Sounds awesome since there’s a real knack to translating songs into acoustic covers and Danny’s definitely got that knack!

Southampton Water with sun and mist = stunning views

Out on a walk with some great friends after Christmas, it was difficult not to take great shots across and along Southampton Water with conditions like these! The air was cold and very still giving a misty filter; the sun was low; Southampton Water was busy with traffic. The only real problem is the fact that the higher f-numbers used show just how filthy my camera sensor is after years of my now ageing Canon 500D being bumped around derelict buildings and generally very used and abused!


Axial Lead – Of Infamous Credentials

Happy New Year! With 2015 upon us, there is one retrospective task I absolutely don’t consider a chore! My favourite music site Prog Metal Zone publish a Top 50 albums list for the year just passed, and I take it upon myself to work through it to see what I’ve missed across the year.

The list is alphabetical and the first album on it I’d not heard is at #6 from Axial Lead and it’s a corker, well apart from the small nit that the lack of capitalisation in the title “of infamous credentials” pointlessly does my noggin in! Very progressive with both a heaviness but also quirky jazzy avant-gardism that makes it extremely listenable to. Heck it’s even a concept album around the memories of an escaped convict lost at sea, who washes up on the shores of a utopian island city! All clean vocals so nothing too scary, so why not take a listen!?