David VanDyke – The Eden Plague

Hmmm … so I’m in two minds about this book. Reckon I picked it up for free last summer when I was looking for books to take on holiday, probably owing to it showing up linked to some sort of dystopian theme. That said, as “book zero” in a longer Plague Wars series, it’s effectively a prequel and so in itself not really dystopian. That’s the not the reason behind my uncertainty though.

I’m not going to go into huge depth around the plot. Fundamentally it revolves around secret viral research, the curious outwardly positive impact of a particular virus, naturally the impact of that virus on the key characters, and latterly an attempted wider spread impact. The writing was well described, and rendered things effectively; the characters were believable; it moved at a good pace; but overall it fell into that trap of various things being just too convenient and easy, and people being too accepting. Then an epilog threw in a curve ball that actually turned me off further.

And hence the real measure of things – not badly written and well liked on Amazon, interesting enough for me to read it in quick order, but at the end I didn’t feel compelled to read the next book in the series and indeed haven’t moved onto that as my next book!