Clearly nobody could find Cortana though so …

I’ve not posted a technical blog entry in ages; I post one about the Cortana “listen mode” key change with the Anniversary Update; the next day I upgrade to the W10 Creators Update, and guess what … the shortcut has changed back! Yep, to get Cortana to pop up and listen (if you’ve not enabled “Hey Cortana” always on mode) it’s now back to being Win+C, well if you turn it on! Just typical!

Cortana shifted her number, but now I’ve found her again

I know that virtual assistants aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I really like Cortana. However, a while ago as my Cortana usage started to increase, I found that the Win+C shortcut that had previously popped up Cortana in listening mode had stopped working. Was something else I was running it blocking it? Nope, since it wasn’t working on any of my W10 machines anymore. I tried searching for a resolution, but all I found was articles confirming that Win+C was the shortcut. Until today …

Recently I’ve been looking to find out what I could do extend Cortana with skills, but that only really has relevance if I can talk to her easily. Hence I went looking for a resolution again and finally found out where Cortana had gone! With the W10 Anniversary Update Cortana moved “numbers” very slightly … Win+C became Win+Shift+C! Use those keys and she answers immediately! Not sure why I’d not found this previously but hey ho!

If you didn’t know, the other useful Cortana shortcut is Win+S (or Win+Q) to pop up the Cortana summary window.

I now also run Cortana on my personal Android phone (and naturally on my work Windows phone), and am looking forward to things like the Harman Kardon Cortana-powered speaker (albeit with worries for my wallet).