About me …

Vee driving urban exploring music addicted technology loving pro geek married to Mrs ® Andy and father of 3 awesome boys!

About the site …

A place for me to collect together my ramblings on the web. Pictures. Music. Technology. Other stuff. Basically a more long hand version of things I might post on Twitter or Instagram.

What’s a Vee?

A RenaultSport Clio V6 255. Consider a little Clio with a massive transverse mounted 3.0L V6 where the rear seats should be and the resultant widening of the body required to accommodate. Hand built by Renault, very rare and increasingly a cult classic, I’ve owned mine since new and intend on never getting rid of it!

On the grid at Goodwood

And urban exploring?

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by old and derelict buildings! Indeed one of my earliest memories was being intrigued by a fire damaged derelict vicarage when visiting my best friend Alan when he lived near Bolton … I was four at the time! Similarly throughout my childhood on our annual holidays to the Lake District I spent many a happy hour exploring old mines and the like. Thus since long before the Daily Fail seemed to run an article every other day with some HDRed pictures of some spooky building from somebody after their few minutes of fame, I’ve been sneaking around interesting places to explore them and take pictures.

Over time I’m going to move all my old pictures on to this new version of veehicular.net, so please bear with me.

You should never forget that urban exploration can be dangerous with many hazards, and that appropriate safety precautions should always be taken. Sites are frequently not open to the public! I do not accept any responsibility for anyone who decides to visit the locations that I have and anyone doing so does so at their own risk. I do not condone any criminal activities!