Marmozets – The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets

I’m sure if I read the music press I’d have known all about the Marmozets. A quick search shows there’s a bit of a “band of the moment” vibe about them. Anyhow, being (dare I say it) approaching middle age, I discovered them via the Guardian’s regular “Five new albums to try this week“! I’ve tried and I’ve very much enjoyed!

It’s a bit of a mixed bag, from the heavyish pop-punk end of things through to more discordant post-hardcore mathcore stuff, like you’d typically find me raving about. That they’ve got a female singer probably means that it’s no surprise that at times there’s that bit of a Hayley-Williams-esque Paramore major key moment to scare me, but then as long as it’s quickly offset by some complex heavy angular guitar and rhythms and some screaming lyrics, I quickly forget! In net a complex set of musical influences coming through across the album – the aforementioned Paramore, Billy Talent, the Arctics when they’re being heavy, Muse, SOAD, through to stuff far more seriously mathcore like DEP. No facsimiles though! This clearly is the Marmozets’ own sound, blending lots of stuff that’s influenced them and making it their own! Overall it’s pretty upbeat daytime music, and probably something I could get away with in the car without Mrs ® Andy turning it off, or worse turning on Radio 1!

Oh, and to add to their coolness credentials, they’re made up from two sets of siblings who formed the band at school, and have been playing since 2007.

Best track on the album for me is definitely Vibetech, which absolutely wouldn’t be out of place on a DEP album! Air drum and guitar in my study in full force when that comes on!

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Simbelmynë – Trillium

According to the official website …

Simbelmynë is a musical project inspired by love of ecology and awe of the natural world.

Given that it’s instrumental, I’m not sure if I can detect the ecological inspiration. However, I can detect inspiration from Opeth at the more melodic end of their canon, and that’s never a bad thing! I ended up listening to this free album, which is another thing I’m not going to complain about, by way of the drumming of the awesome Travis Orbin. He drummed on it with his session drummer hat on, and like many of his sessions recorded himself doing so for his YouTube channel.

Anyhow, why not take a listen, though I’d recommend maybe not with your best headphones on unless you get a buzz from background hiss making is sound like it was ultimately mixed down onto a C90 cassette! Apparently it’s been remixed again to improve the clarity, but I still wonder what happened during the production process!?

Dimaeon – The Blood of Millions

Been listening to this one on repeat for a few days, courtesy of the recommendation from the awesome Prog Metal Zone. It’s a debut album which is always daftly frustrating, because it means I’ve not got a back catalogue to now go and enjoy. A superb blend of progressive death and doom metal. It’s heavy but musically complex and clever with it, which is the perfect blend for me.

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