Batch creating Google Calendar events

I have a shared Google calendar called “® Andy’s Whereabouts” that shows my location on every weekday as an event between 8:00 and 8:30. By default I create each day as TBD, and then once I know I have to be somewhere specifically eg. for a meeting or a perhaps day I need to be at home, I update it. Acts as a quick aide-memoire for me, and is something that lets Mrs ® Andy know my whereabouts since naturally she can’t see my work calendar. Whilst I have it every day, it isn’t a repeating event, since if I created it that way when I went to edit any single day it’d give me the “do you want alter all past/future events” spiel. Hence historically every month or so I’ve gone and clicked on each day in the month ahead, created a default hour event, dragged it down to 30 minutes, and typed in TBD! Ugly, manual and I knew there must be a better way but I’d not bothered to find it! With me beginning to schedule into the new year, I thought I’d see if I could find a neater solution.

The solution came by way of an excellent blog post here. Whilst I regularly import .ics files into Google Calendar for train details exported from the National Rail website, I’d never noticed you could import .csv files too. The capability is more formally described here. Thus a quick Excel spreadsheet knocked up with a formula that moves the date in each row on by one workday (=IF(WEEKDAY(B2)=6,B2+3,B2+1)), replicated across a year’s worth of rows, exported as a .csv and imported into Google Calendar via the Other Calendars menu, and that’s a year’s entries created in a single batch import. Sorted!