Tots TV … what happened next!?

Retro post from : June 2014

I’m a Tot,

Je suis une Tot,

Tilly, Tom and Tiny,

We’re the Tots on Tots TV

When son#1 was very little, one of his favourite TV programmes was Tots TV. We owned most episodes on VHS and I had to watch them many many times! If you don’t remember Tots TV, it had three main characters … Tilly, who was French, Tom and Tiny … and they lived in a secret cottage in the woods!

Ultimately they grew up, maybe fame went to their heads, they left their secret cottage and perhaps moved to Hollywood where they discovered drink and drugs and never returned!

TotsTV-04Their cottage? Well it sits unloved and derelict in a copse in a middle of a field on a farm in Warwickshire.

I’ve not got out exploring much over the last few years, courtesy of a dearth of stuff local to me and generally too little time. However, after 9+ years of the Vee being my “daily” driver, I finally gave in and got a second car this year, for local stuff but also for business miles that I’ve always tried to avoid in the Vee. It’s a mighty 3-cylinder 1.2 Polo, nicknamed “The Beast”. Cheap for me to run but more than comfortable and capable on the motorway for business trips, and ideal for son#1 to drive in evenings/weekends since he’s 17 this year! Given a first business trip North in it, it seemed rude not change out of my suit and negotiate irate farmers, barbed wire fences and rampant nettles and brambles to pop in and relive the old times.

In a remarkable coincidence, some other famous children’s characters from this era lived in the corner of the next field! The Teletubbies!

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